you say i’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing …

Last! Diva!! Standing!!!

Posted by stylebitch on May 8, 2008

This bitch is back. Und ich bin’s auch bald. Ganz bald. Wo ich wie, wann, warum und überhaupt war – erfahrt ihr dann. In the meantime read what Cher had to say on opening night of her new concert extravaganza at The Colosseum @ Caesar’s Palace: “I’m old, but I’m tough. You are the first kids on your block to see ‘Cher Does Rome.’ It’s the first night and anything can go wrong. We’ve only had the last two days for private dress rehearsals. Its been a real cluster f*%k so come back in two weeks when its all working. This is the part where I make up a nightly monolog, but I had no chance tonight to make one up. I arrive in my overhead death mobile courtesy of the Flying Walindas and Evil Kneivel, it’s my own personal Phantom of the Opera moment. I have to go high up into a tiny area of the roof with these Teamster guys and a couple of girls who keep telling me “it’s so dangerous.” I say ‘rope me up, hook me up, I want to make an entrance,’ but I am truly terrified of being tipped off into space. As the cage went out tonight I heard the computer voice of Hal from the 2001 Space Odyssey movie in my ears warning me that once again my costumes had crossed the line of decency. I’m thinking oh f*%k I’ve become a conservative republican and I start worrying that God doesn’t like Vegas anymore and was having a déjà vu Sodom and Gomorrah moment.

Und dies: Do you know what it’s like to kneel down when you’re 62?” Cher joked after someone threw a sailor hat onstage — a reference to her sexiest video, in which she entertained some troops while wearing a thong. She picked up the cap with one quick, gamin swoop. “I guess it depends what I’m kneeling down for,” she added, smirking. “I’m old. I’m not dead.

Absolutely div(a)ine! See you on May 27th, Miss Cher 🙂


3 Responses to “Last! Diva!! Standing!!!”

  1. rene said

    Meine liebe Bitch! Ich kann es kaum glauben. Eine dicke 4 hinter Ihrem Namen in meinem Feedreader. Willkommen zurück auf Erden 😉

  2. Alex said

    Nice to have you back …

  3. stylebitch said

    @rene: 5, Monsieur René, 5! Dankeschön für die reizenden Grußworte. “I was high and low and everything in between …” Warum fällt mir jetzt ein Celine-Song ein? Kollege Freud, hey Freud, sind Sie noch wach?

    @Alex: Feels good to BE back!! Thank you for your kind words 🙂

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