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Fair is foul and foul is fair … and then there’s Sarah Palin!

Posted by stylebitch on September 12, 2008

Reading The Huffington Post, apart from, NPR and PBS America’s sole source of engaging journalism!, I came across this wonderful commentary by literature scholar John Lundberg who tries hard to come to grips with McCain’s VP pick, Alaskan governator Sarah Palin, and her shameful way of distorting the truth, her bashing of rape victims who abort their child and her bashing of volunteer workers.

Here’s a sample of his remarks, read the article in full here.

“I was wondering what kind of mother, being an avowed evangelical and knowing that her underage daughter is pregnant out of wedlock, would choose to accept the vice presidential nomination and thus subject her daughter to a vicious and unrelenting spotlight for, potentially, the next eight years. And I was wondering what kind of mother would agree to take on the rigors of a presidential campaign and essentially put aside a four-month-old baby with special needs. Sarah Palin’s convention speech answered that question: that kind of mother.

Palin was comfortable stepping in and lying through her teeth about her record and her opponent. She was at ease insulting people who selflessly try to give back to their communities–because it helped her politically. She had no qualms about parading her visibly uncomfortable family across a stage and passing her special needs baby down the aisle as a political prop.

The media, taken aback no doubt by Palin’s ability to lie and smear with gusto as if it were second nature, mostly lauded the speech, leaving those of us who care about our families and our country–and not our ratings–to hope that the majority of American swing voters, at least, disagreed.

Maybe a night of such dramatically appalling pageantry could only be summed up in poetry, but I noticed that more than a few posts in the blogosphere that night included this excerpt from Macbeth’s great soliloquy (later adopted by Faulkner): “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” We can hope. […]”


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