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Bush & McCain – NO more of the SAME!

Posted by stylebitch on September 16, 2008

I honestly have to say that back in 2000 when he was running against George W. Bush I had lots of respect for John McCain. He took on his own party, he was one of the most liberal prominent Republicans I ever watched before and despite his age he was a candidate of hope and strength and humor and thoughtfulness.

Now all my respect has vanished and to me he day after day continues to morph into Dubya’s older brother. He sacrificed almost every character trait that once made him appealing to me on the altar of ambition, vanity and political shrewdness the United States most definitely don’t need another handful of. Eight years is ENOUGH! Let him call his wife a cunt, let him tour with Sarah “The Warrior Mom” Palin, who herself is not new to flip-floppin’ and lying and exploiting her handicapped son as much as she can while believing that God created the world from scratch and all by himself in a mere week.

For someone like me who truely believes in the remaining traces of the American Dream seeing this election unfold in such a way is pure horror and today I considered praying on Nov. 4. For an atheist that’s saying quite a lot, don’t you think. I’ll continue my tiny campaign and hope, no, pray for the best!

God bless the USA us


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