you say i’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing …

The Palin-oscopy never ends …

Posted by stylebitch on September 20, 2008

So dear politically outraged bitches, what an interesting couple of days it’s been. We are all so mutch smarter on the Palin subject. We know that the governante loves them free email addys – just thinkin’ ’bout the budget, y’all. First I thought, wow, this creationist with the cold herat from the cold state is a dumbnut. Now it seems there was some clever shceeming at work here, coz if her office got raided or “troopergate” really closes in on her only those emails sent from her official email address, the protected one the state provides, would fall under scrutiny and could be used in a trial. What a sneaky biatch. Want some Palin lingo? Read some samples here, here and here. Also: Sarah’s typo ridden LinkedIn profile


Then she was busted on her quite outrageous fashion upgrade. Before entering the campaign the warrior princess could be seen in, well, a house dress and sneakers at the local grocery store in her small town tucked away some where. Now her taste is so much more refinded … and expensive. The self-declared über-hockey mum sported a $2150 Valentino jacket at the RNC and employs a whole team of stylists. Her glasses alone are $400 – very blue collar, indeed.


I just hope this whole mess, her pseudo-intellectual snippets, the hastily memorized facts about the world outside of Alaska and the backwardness of her opinions on abortion, gay rights, the environment and world politics will finally – and before Nov 4th! – catch up with her and send her back to the woods.


Your bitch


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