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The video AOL did not want you to see: Joan Rivers, the Emmys … and Hitler?

Posted by stylebitch on September 25, 2008



Now, I’m a huge fan of Joan Rivers, she’s a true survivor and usually wickedly funny. Last year AOL, the company formerly known as “hip new economy superpower”, picked up Joan & Melissa River’s fashion commentary on the Emmy awards’ red carpet show, and was said to do the same in 2008. After seeing the video though, taped in an old fashionedly decorated apartment, they refused to put it up on their site not explaining why they didn’t.

Well, it could be because of a weird red thread Joan RIvers spun comparing the (hair) styles of a couple of big names in Hollywood – Tom Hanks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus … – with the Third Reich. Is it the botox, Joan, does it get to you, or was it just a streak of random rambling-itis, ‘coz these analogies had but one major flaw: they were NOT funny. I mean, comedians like my beloved Kathy Griffin cross even more lines during their acts, and rightfully so giving the insanely politically correct and fully censored media world we live in.
But: Kathy’s funny. You were extremely funny and have a showstopper of a play out which I hope to see some time. Enough with the Hitlerisms, though, PLEASE!


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