you say i’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing …

You may stop watching German TV now!

Posted by stylebitch on September 26, 2008

As if we really needed any proof that American television is playing in a league of its own, here comes “Pushing Daisies“. In this superbly written, highly imaginative romance-fantasy-mistery blend, created by Bryan Fuller of Heroes‘ fame and Barry “Men in Black” Sonnenfeld, Ned (played by Lee Pace) has the gift to bring things and people back to live. The downside: for each resurrection another person has to die. And, if Ned touches his “patient” more than once, they’re dead again. Forever.

Starring alongside Pace are some of the finest actors and actresses on screen and on stage: Ellen Greene (“Little Shop of Horrors”), Swoosie Kurtz (“Sisters” with the adorable Sela Ward) and Kristin Chenoweth (“Wicked”). So with all the other simply magnificent television series out there – “Damages“, “The Shield“, “The Wire“, “The Closer“, “Life” … – please Sat.1, RTL, ZDF, ARD, Vox, Pro7, RTL2: save yourselves some money, “creative energy” and embarassment and just buy the good stuff from the US. No more “Post Mortem” and telenovelas featuring Jeanette Biedermann. I mean, please, even “Ugly Betty” is way funnier than “Verliebt in Berlin” EVER was!

Now I gotta get back to “Gossip Girl” …

P.S. Miss Greene also has an enchanting new album out (s. below), produced with her husband Christian Klikovits. Check it out, bitchlings, it’s a true gem!


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