you say i’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing …

MadOnna vs Guy: Now it gets ugly …

Posted by stylebitch on October 21, 2008

From the moment I heard “MadOnna and Guy are mainly concerned about the well being of their children. They will do everything in their might …” blablabla – I knew: It will get nasty pretty soon. Please, every showbiz divorce gets ugly at some point, sooner or later. Sooner this time, coz the blame game is on already. “He called me a ‘granny'” – “She only fed me vegetable dumplings” – “He never REALLY loved me” – “She is a tyrant and having sex with her is like makjing love to a bony corpse” … [All quotes very rougly summarized by me, myself and moi – but you get a sense for their feud, right?] No she hired Heather Mills’ laywer and it’s all about the money not children from now on. As far as one knows as of now they don’t have a prenuptial agreement so he is entitled to have the fortune she amassed during their eight year marriage. So no more grannis in spandex gymnast costumes for Guy. Get yourself laid with a real woman, mate …

Oh, and Ms Ciccone, shant some Kaballah verses, have some organic soy milk and shut up.

P.S. Dear bitchlings, read it all here


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