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iCandy of the Month #12: Robert Buckley

Posted by stylebitch on October 23, 2008

Since I started watching on iTunes I am a huge fan of “Lipstick Jungle“, another series based on a book by Candace “SATC” Bushnell. Though I was never a real fan of “Sex and the Titty” – fortysomethings talking like teens? give me a frickin break, gurrls … – I totally love “Lipstick”. And Brooke Shields in it. And Kim Raver playing a mag dominatrix … But most of all I watch it to at least lay a lusting eye on Robert Buckley. OMG! Not since Darryl Stephens has there ever been such a perfect human being. The abs, thew biceps, the smile, the tan … gorgeous through and through. Watching him f*ck Kim Raver’s character in the show makes me wet itch in all the wrong places. Here’s a glimpse of Rob’s magic (not his magic stick, though …):


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