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Richard “Best/Worst Dressed List” Blackwell died

Posted by stylebitch on October 26, 2008

For decades Hollywod stars & starlets lived in fear of his merciless wit and outrageous remarks in his once a year published best & worst dressed list. Now ex-designer Richard Blackwell died at age 86. Here are some of his funniest comments:

MadOnna: “The Bare-Bottomed Bore of Babylon.”

Barbra Streisand: “She looks like a masculine Bride of Frankenstein.”

Sharon Stone: “An over-the-hill Cruella DeVille.”

Lindsay Lohan: “From adorable to deplorable.”

Ann-Margret: “A Hells Angel escapee who invaded the Ziegfeld Follies on a rainy night.”

Camilla Parker-Bowles: “The Duchess of Dowdy.”

Bjork: “She dances in the dark _ and dresses there, too.”

Britney Spears: “Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill.”


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