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Posted by stylebitch on November 4, 2008

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News from Miss Chris Crocker

Posted by stylebitch on November 1, 2008

The Sierra Mist comercial:

The sad break-up:

Check out his 1st single “Mind in the Gutter”

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The Future is … old.

Posted by stylebitch on October 29, 2008

Just wanted to give a shout out to Pamela Redmond Satran and her blog how not to act old. I’m already readin’, ‘coz old age seems to be right around the corner these dark, cold and gloomy days …

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Als Werbung noch mutig war :-)

Posted by stylebitch on October 28, 2008

Ich sag da mal lieber nix dazu …

Gefunden hab’ ich das hier. Wer Lust auf eine TV-Serie hat, die in der guten alten Zeit der Werbung spielt, sollte sich mal “Mad Men” anschauen. Allein das geile Sixties-Styling ist ein Grund zum Dranbleiben!

Und hier meine Lieblings-Ads von damals:

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Posted by stylebitch on October 27, 2008

Just read this very promising headline on The Huff Post‘s site


and thought I’d compile a few clips and clippings about what Sarah “Mooselini” Palin has been up to lately:

1. She, eh, went a little shopping. For 150 000 Dollars. I mean, I’m all FOR retail therapy, but I’m not running as a hockey mum. Anyhow, the more staggering fact is that her make-up artiste is the highest paid staffer on the whole McCain campaign. THAT’S absolutely shocking!

2. She got called a “crazy bitch” by Betty “Rose” White of “Golden Girls fame. Watch the whole clip:

3. The Gouvernante received a harsh letter by Robert F. Kennedy

4. Not much praise from John Cusack either …

5. No comment [source]

6. Women are increasingly sceptic about Miss Wasilla. The truth is, some think “she’s evil”!

7. This is what La Cho had to say on the topic

Meanwhile, her boss running mate kept busy:

The Final Debate:

The Crazy Lady at the Rally

And do you remember the “car slip“?

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Comedian Paula Poundstone: Is anyone listening to Bush?

Posted by stylebitch on October 26, 2008

Read what “my” beloved Paula Poundstone wrote about Bush’s true thoughts in his last days as president of the US of A:

“Laura and I would like the American people to know that, if they have any moving boxes, we could use them. We’re getting out of here as soon as we can get a truck. I can’t believe I cheated to get this job. It’s not nearly as fun as I thought it was gonna be. The other day Hank Paulson calls me into the Oval Office, tells me to take a seat on the couch and he’ll be with me in a minute.” [read the whole story here]

Oh, and buy her book. Or, as I did, the audio book read by Paula herself. Hilarious, moving, thruthful!

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Google & the Gays: Gimme, gimme more …

Posted by stylebitch on October 26, 2008

As Bill Browning revealed in his blog on my no. 2 news source, The Huffington Post, Google violated its own code of conduct by allowing anti-gay marriage ads being posted on ad sense customers websites.

[read the whole story here]

Do I hear the word boycott, bitchlings?

Toodles …

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Saturday Song #30: Chris Crocker’s debut single “Mind in the Gutter”

Posted by stylebitch on September 27, 2008

[the bitch singing] “I heard his song and I liked it …” Or is it her song, coz it’s Miss Chris Crocker now, I believe. Any how, love that bitch. Amen!

But decide for yourself:

Now sing along, bitchlings:

MIND IN THE GUTTER (that problem I know all too well 😉

It’s Chris Crocker (Chris Crocker)
Forgive me father for I have sinned
Theres just something inside of me that I can’t hold back any longer

Maybe the rumors are true, maybe I am crazy.

I’ve got you thinking all them bad things
I’ve got you reaching for them body parts
I’m ’bout to make ya do the walk of shame
You never thought that would you’d fu** a star

Time is tickin
Hearts are skippin
Ready to blow
Feel like my logics missin’
Head is spinnin’
out of control
You’ve got my body twitchin’
Thirst is quinchin’
Ready to go
Crocker’s off his rock, baby, this is my show


You’ve got my mind in the gutter
When we’re touchin’ on each other
Rollin’ round under covers
Blowin’ kisses like we’re lovers

I like the way that you taste
When you’re all up in my face
Body’s touchin’ – mind’s corrupted
‘Cause my mind is in the gutter

Chris Crocker’s on the loose- Are you scared yet?

I hear the freaks come out at midnight
I’ve got you workin’ up an appetite
Now are you sure that you should take a bite
‘Cause once you do, then you are mine

Tired of waiting
Blood is racing
Out on patrol
I feel like Chasing you to date me
is a race of its own
You are my property now baby
So come fetch your bone
I’mma Crock ya Sock ya Rock ya, baby
I’m on control

(repeat Chorus)

You’ve got my mind in the gutter, baby
You’ve got me so damn twisted lately
I’ve lost my life to another, baby
I lost my mind.. Mind in the gutter

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Nachtrag zu “the more haters, the merrier” – The Chris Crocker Experience

“the more haters, the merrier” – The Chris Crocker Experience

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Jetzt aber wirklich: TIMM, der Huschen-Sender, geht ans Netzchen

Posted by stylebitch on September 27, 2008

TV-Sender für Schwule startet im November

Am 1. November geht in Deutschland Timm, der angekündigte Fernsehsender für schwule Männer auf Sendung. Highlights sind internationale Serien wie “Footballers Wives” (scusi?), “Queer as Folk” (in da club, bitchezzzz), “Absolutely Fabulous” (Cheers, Eddy)  und “The L Word” (the V-on-V-thing, yikes). Geplant ist die schwule Ausgabe der Kuppelshow ” vom 16. Juli 2008), auf Sendung.Der Bachelor” (würg). Betreiber von Timm ist die Deutsche Fernsehwerke GmbH (DFW), Madsack zählt zu den Gesellschaftern. vom 16. Juli 2008), auf Sendung. Das frei empfangbare Vollprogramm soll zur Selbstverständlichkeit von Schwulen hierzulande beitragen, wünscht sich Timm-Programmdirektor Frank Lukas. Freiheit, Toleranz und die Gleichstellung jedes Mannes seien die zentralen Werte des Senders. Lukas will mit Timm auch aus dem Umfeld der Kernzielgruppe Zuschauer anziehen – darunter die beste Freundin, Eltern schwuler Kinder, der heterosexuelle Freundeskreis sowie offene und neugierige Männer und Frauen. Auf dem Programm stehen neben Spielfilmen und Serien Dokumentationen sowie eigenproduzierte Shows, tägliche Nachrichten und Magazine. (Quelle: KressReport)

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The video AOL did not want you to see: Joan Rivers, the Emmys … and Hitler?

Posted by stylebitch on September 25, 2008



Now, I’m a huge fan of Joan Rivers, she’s a true survivor and usually wickedly funny. Last year AOL, the company formerly known as “hip new economy superpower”, picked up Joan & Melissa River’s fashion commentary on the Emmy awards’ red carpet show, and was said to do the same in 2008. After seeing the video though, taped in an old fashionedly decorated apartment, they refused to put it up on their site not explaining why they didn’t.

Well, it could be because of a weird red thread Joan RIvers spun comparing the (hair) styles of a couple of big names in Hollywood – Tom Hanks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus … – with the Third Reich. Is it the botox, Joan, does it get to you, or was it just a streak of random rambling-itis, ‘coz these analogies had but one major flaw: they were NOT funny. I mean, comedians like my beloved Kathy Griffin cross even more lines during their acts, and rightfully so giving the insanely politically correct and fully censored media world we live in.
But: Kathy’s funny. You were extremely funny and have a showstopper of a play out which I hope to see some time. Enough with the Hitlerisms, though, PLEASE!

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