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Attention, shoppers: What the f*ck is wrong with YOU?

Posted by stylebitch on December 1, 2008

A man trampled to death in a WalMart store on Black Friday – at first I simply couldn’t believe it. Has the world gone completely insane? Is a bargain already worth more than a human life? Read the depressing story in its entirety here:

NEW YORK — Police are reviewing surveillance videos of a
post-Thanksgiving shopper stampede that trampled a suburban Wal-Mart
worker to death, but they acknowledge it may be difficult to bring
criminal charges.

Nassau County police and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said no new
information was available Saturday on the employee’s brutal death,
which rattled shoppers even as they flocked to the Valley Stream store
a day later.

“It felt a little freakish,” customer
Ellie Berhun, 48, told the Daily News. “Some man lost his life because
a VCR was on sale? Please. It’s just too sad for words.”

Police said the temporary worker, Jdimytai Damour, was mowed down as
about 2,000 bargain-hunters surged into the store at Friday’s 5 a.m.
opening, leaving a metal portion of the door frame crumpled like an

Other workers were knocked to the ground as they tried to rescue
Damour, and customers simply stepped over him and kept shopping even as
the store announced it was closing because of the death, police and
witnesses said.

At least four other people, including a woman eight months pregnant,
were taken to hospitals for observation or treatment for minor
injuries. The store, about 20 miles east of Manhattan, closed for
several hours but reopened Friday afternoon.

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday because it has
traditionally marked the point when a throng of shoppers pushes stores
into profitability for the year.

Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart said it added staffers and outside
security workers and put up barricades to try to prepare for the crush.
But police spokesman Detective Lt. Michael Fleming said Friday that
security was inadequate for a scene he called “utter chaos.”

Criminal charges are possible, but identifying anyone in the store’s videos may prove difficult, Fleming said.

Damour, 34, came from a temporary agency and was doing maintenance work at the store, Wal-Mart said.

A woman reported being trampled by overeager customers at a Wal-Mart
opening Friday in Farmingdale, about 15 miles east of Valley Stream,
Suffolk County police said. She suffered minor injuries but finished
shopping before filling the report, police said.

Items on sale at the Valley Stream Wal-Mart included a Samsung
50-inch Plasma HDTV for $798, a Bissel Compact Upright Vacuum for $28,
a Samsung 10.2 megapixel digital camera for $69 and DVDs such as “The
Incredible Hulk” for $9. (Source)

Also read Al Norman’s enlightening commentary on the incident:
Wal-Mart Shoppers Are Trained To Be “Savages”

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Posted by stylebitch on November 5, 2008


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Posted by stylebitch on November 4, 2008

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When McCain attacks …

Posted by stylebitch on October 29, 2008

Spoooooooookyyyyyyyy …

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Als Werbung noch mutig war :-)

Posted by stylebitch on October 28, 2008

Ich sag da mal lieber nix dazu …

Gefunden hab’ ich das hier. Wer Lust auf eine TV-Serie hat, die in der guten alten Zeit der Werbung spielt, sollte sich mal “Mad Men” anschauen. Allein das geile Sixties-Styling ist ein Grund zum Dranbleiben!

Und hier meine Lieblings-Ads von damals:

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iCandy of the Month #12: Robert Buckley

Posted by stylebitch on October 23, 2008

Since I started watching on iTunes I am a huge fan of “Lipstick Jungle“, another series based on a book by Candace “SATC” Bushnell. Though I was never a real fan of “Sex and the Titty” – fortysomethings talking like teens? give me a frickin break, gurrls … – I totally love “Lipstick”. And Brooke Shields in it. And Kim Raver playing a mag dominatrix … But most of all I watch it to at least lay a lusting eye on Robert Buckley. OMG! Not since Darryl Stephens has there ever been such a perfect human being. The abs, thew biceps, the smile, the tan … gorgeous through and through. Watching him f*ck Kim Raver’s character in the show makes me wet itch in all the wrong places. Here’s a glimpse of Rob’s magic (not his magic stick, though …):

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Painfully funny, painfully Palin: Tina Fey SNL returns as Alaska’s governator!

Posted by stylebitch on September 28, 2008

Watch the NBC exclusive clip! [click here]

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“Dumber than Bush”: Sarah Palin gettin’ choked by Katie Couric

Posted by stylebitch on September 28, 2008

Watch for yourself:

And this might be the most incoherrent answer ever (well, apart from what Bavarian’s ex-governor Edmund Stoiber uttered all these years!):

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You may stop watching German TV now!

Posted by stylebitch on September 26, 2008

As if we really needed any proof that American television is playing in a league of its own, here comes “Pushing Daisies“. In this superbly written, highly imaginative romance-fantasy-mistery blend, created by Bryan Fuller of Heroes‘ fame and Barry “Men in Black” Sonnenfeld, Ned (played by Lee Pace) has the gift to bring things and people back to live. The downside: for each resurrection another person has to die. And, if Ned touches his “patient” more than once, they’re dead again. Forever.

Starring alongside Pace are some of the finest actors and actresses on screen and on stage: Ellen Greene (“Little Shop of Horrors”), Swoosie Kurtz (“Sisters” with the adorable Sela Ward) and Kristin Chenoweth (“Wicked”). So with all the other simply magnificent television series out there – “Damages“, “The Shield“, “The Wire“, “The Closer“, “Life” … – please Sat.1, RTL, ZDF, ARD, Vox, Pro7, RTL2: save yourselves some money, “creative energy” and embarassment and just buy the good stuff from the US. No more “Post Mortem” and telenovelas featuring Jeanette Biedermann. I mean, please, even “Ugly Betty” is way funnier than “Verliebt in Berlin” EVER was!

Now I gotta get back to “Gossip Girl” …

P.S. Miss Greene also has an enchanting new album out (s. below), produced with her husband Christian Klikovits. Check it out, bitchlings, it’s a true gem!

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Must-have for Fall/Winter 2008/2009

Posted by stylebitch on September 25, 2008

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